Attorney Profile

Joseph Y. Avrahamy

Joseph Y. Avrahamy is a graduate of Loyola Law School and has over 25 years of experience in civil litigation. Mr. Avrahamy’s litigation experience ranges from numerous state and federal jury trials to representing clients in front of the State and Federal Court of Appeals.

In his third year of law school, Mr. Avrahamy had the honor of clerking for a Judge who currently sits in Israel’s Supreme Court. After graduating from law school in 1990, Mr. Avrahamy immediately began representing consumers in various matters, including injury cases from auto and motorcycle accidents, wrongful death cases, and medical malpractice from his office in Encino, California.

Within a few years, Mr. Avrahamy’s practice expanded into the business world, where he represented companies in the toner industry and garment industry, and various manufacturing businesses. Mr. Avrahamy successfully protected the intellectual rights of these companies through aggressive litigation in federal and state court.

Mr. Avrahamy prides himself on representing clients in cases which were rejected by other attorneys and through good lawyering, he was able to turn around and achieve notable and satisfactory results.

In 2005, when three police officers were involved in a civil rights case against the City of Los Angeles, they searched for an attorney who would assist in a federal jury trial. Numerous attorneys rejected the case, believing that they would not be able to succeed against a formidable foe, like the City of Los Angeles. Mr. Avrahamy believed in his clients’ case and was ready to take on the challenge. Following a three week jury trial, a unanimous jury within two hours returned a verdict on behalf of the three police officers for $15,000,003.00. The verdict was one of the largest against the City of Los Angeles and uncovered corruption within certain agencies of the City of Los Angeles.

In a case against the MTA, Mr. Avrahamy represented a passenger who was turned away by numerous attorneys who were unable to find fault on the part of the MTA. Mr. Avrahamy through diligent work successfully established the negligence of the driver and was able to settle the case for $120,000.00.

In an accident at a construction site, an injured party’s case was returned to him by an attorney who concluded that he would be unable to prevail in the case. Mr. Avrahamy accepted the case and was able to prove negligence and settled the case for over $100,000.00.

In a case against L.A. Unified School District, a student injured by another student, was unable to find an attorney who was willing to take on her case. Mr. Avrahamy believed in her case and was able to expose corrupt school officials who were covering up the incident. The injured student recovered close to $150,000.00 for an injury to her eye. In a case against a prominent health insurance company, a policyholder was distraught when his health insurance was cancelled after he underwent quadruple bypass surgery. After vigorous litigation, the policyholder received a settlement of $850,000.00 from the health insurance company.

Mr. Avrahamy was also willing to take on a case of a patient in a psychiatric ward, who was attacked by another patient. Her former attorney was unable to continue with the case and Mr. Avrahamy agreed to help a desperate client in need. As a result of Mr. Avrahamy’s involvement and dedication to the case, the patient walked away with a $300,000.00 settlement.

Following his experience and success representing the police officers against the City of Los Angeles, Mr. Avrahamy has continued his success with representing aggrieved parties in various cases against very challenging opponents including the State of California, the County of Los Angeles, Los Angeles World Airports, and other governmental entities in various employment cases.

Unafraid to challenge large corporations, government entities, and insurance companies and willing to grapple with challenging cases, Mr. Avrahamy has had a successful career representing consumers, small businesses, injured parties, and employees in a variety of cases.